What if your best relationships with others
were centered in your relationship with Jesus?


At Shiloh Terrace, our hope is that everything we do connects people to Christ and each other through LOVING, GROWING, SERVING, and SHARINGtogether!

Our Connection Groups (small group Bible studies) are the starting point for relationships centered in Jesus Christ. Our Groups meet Sunday mornings at 9:45. Visit the Information Booth where someone will be happy to direct you to the group that is right for you. In a Connection Group, you will have the opportunity to…

  • Establish long-term, lasting, and Christ-centered relationships,
  • Discover God's truth for your life,
  • Find opportunities to share Jesus with the world, and
  • Experience transformation

That is what we’re after—transformation. Because when we’re transformed through Jesus Christ, our community is transformed with the truth, hope, and love found in the gospel.

Shiloh Terrace is a family, not a building. If you are an adult that hasn't been to church in years or if you are an adult that has followed Jesus for decades, you will be welcomed by the Shiloh Terrace family.

Our Singles Ministry is a vibrant group of men and women devoted to service and fellowship. They have an ongoing partnership with Soul's Harbor in Dallas where our singles serve meals and share the love of Christ. Singles' Connection Groups meet at 9:45am on the second floor.

Shiloh Terrace has a great group of married couples. Some are newly married and some are not-so-newly married! Some have kids, some don't. Regardless, our people are passionate about their relationship with the Lord and each other.

Single or married, feel free to visit our 20's, 30's, or 40's Connection Groups on the second floor to find the right place for you.

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