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Our Staff

Profile image of Quentin Self

Quentin Self

Senior Pastor


Profile image of Tracy Dophied

Tracy Dophied

Minister to 50+ Adults and Pastoral Care


Tracy was born in Denison Texas and raised in Houston Texas. He came to STBC in the Spring of 2013 to serve as the Minister to Adults 50 and older and also to assist with Pastoral Care. Tracy and his wife, Sydney, have 2 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren. 

As Minister to Adults 50 and older, Tracy is responsible for the Boomer and Senior Adult Ministries at Shiloh Terrace.  He also oversees the Education of our church.  In his role as Minister of Pastoral Care, Tracy ministers to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our congregation.  This includes hospital, nursing home and assisted living visitation, Caleb ministry to the homebound, and bereavement care. 

“My hope for Shiloh is to be aware of what God has called us to do and to accomplish that task – to take His good news into our world and reach others for Christ!” – Tracy

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Norberto Palmitano

Minister to Young Adults & Community


Norberto came to Shiloh Terrace in the summer of 2013.  Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Norberto has been blessed with a beautiful wife, Andrea. Together, they have 4 children. Norberto serves as the Minister to Young Adults and Community Ministries. 

Before Shiloh Terrace brought him to Texas, Norberto was a missionary in El Salvador for 3 years where he founded the “No Mas Violencia / No More Violence” movement that delivers a positive message (and ministry) from God.

“My hope for Shiloh is that we realize the power that we possess (through the Holy Spirit).  It is through this power that we can take people out of darkness and bring them into the light of Christ.  God’s Holy Spirit breaks the chains of lies and bondage – forged by the devil himself – and sets people free. We can only do that when we are united as the Church of Christ.” – Norberto

Profile image of David Foster jr.

David Foster jr.

Minister to students & young adult discipleship


David is the newest addition to the Ministry Staff at Shiloh Terrace.   He and his wonderful wife, Deborah, came to STBC in the summer of 2017.  Originally from Plainview, TX (out in the panhandle), David was serving as Minister to Students at First Baptist Church, Stamford, before coming to Shiloh Terrace, where he currently serves as the Minister to Students & Young Adults and helps both to develop their discipleship.

“My hope for Shiloh is to see students as well as adults connect with God, connect with others, and make disciples.” - David

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Scott Mclaughlin

Church Business Administrator


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Cynthia Cooper

Financial Secretary

Office: 972.857.9707 x-5112

Jonathan Studstill

Technical Director


Profile image of Terry Finley

Terry Finley

Ministry Assistant

Office: 972-857-9707 x-5114

Profile image of Lisa Winn

Lisa Winn

Ministry Assistant

Office: 972.857.9707 x-5115

Profile image of Karen Blanchett

Karen Blanchett

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Office: 972.857.9707 x-5110

Profile image of Paula Bateman

Paula Bateman

Child Development Center Director

Office: 972.270.9703

Profile image of Evelyn Monsivais

Evelyn Monsivais